Pensamientos: Its amusing...

Well its certainly an old fashioned thrill, how do you step back,
while your laughing looking at me, and shook words from my mouth,
better get down this curly and dirty road, its all been done many times,
remember now or never you used to say, and now its war everywhere.

Stand in the line, waiting for your chance to shine, for the row to hold on
and take care of that killing joke… do you feel? Dou you pray? Do you trust?
All those windows now they’re breaking, sharper quotes in white chapels,
its amusing how you lie, how they follow you in the dark.

Light your candles, pour water in my jars of clay, please do not allow me to leave,
tie my hands, or put me down, on your dungeons should I stay?
Weeks and years are yet to come, to unfaithfully fill my brain, like you did it all before
remember now or never you taught me well, and now its pain everywhere.

Darkest guns beneath the bed, and at night the horses run down the hills,
shattered memories fully filled with regret, angry martyrs in a movie,
Sing it loud the glass are breaking, lovely quotes in my warm house
its amusing I believe you, and I follow you in the dark.

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