I can´t

I can’t fight those monsters you create, well I can’t even fight my own monsters, those born long time ago since the days when I was younger.
Well I can’t fight back any longer; it’s been a while since the days when you gave me life, a life I didn’t ask for.
No my pretty little girl, you took all my love away and left me empty as a vacuum, left me alone like a cactus in the desert, while the sand hits my face...

I can’t stand any longer in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of an empty road with no direction home or signals on the street.
Well I can’t pretend I’m all right, its enough I’m hit. I’m not quitting but certainly you can’t understand what I’m telling you.
No my pretty little princes, there’s no sunshine after all, there’s no sun behind those clouds, only wind will take me away, like the rain into the streets...

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